Buying, Selling & Investing in Dallas

Smoger Realty works with clients who are buying, selling and investing in residential and commercial real estate mostly in the Dallas Metroplex area. Our clients are all referred to us. We handle each transaction in a very unique manner. There is no upper management team telling us what we can and can not do for our clients. Each client spends time with us discussing how real estate fits into their overall financial makeup so all decisions will be in the best interest of our client.

We want the best for our clients so that means getting a fair deal on a property or walking away from a property. Alternatively, selling a property within a reasonable amount of time or not selling a property when the deal is not right. Smoger Realty understands that the client is first. Each transaction is reviewed from top to bottom.

Our experience includes drafting and reviewing real estate contracts, legal foreclosure work, multifamily property management, buying, selling and leasing single family homes, duplexes, fourplexes and commercial spaces. Not only do we have experience in those areas, but we actually have had an economic interest in many of these transactions

For more information on specifics of buying, selling and investing in real estate in Dallas with our services, please refer to our individual pages on the subject matter.

Thanks for working with us and we will do our best to provide you a positive real estate experience.

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