Tips From Smoger Realty

Pricing Your Home

One of the most important decisions to make is the pricing of your home in today’s competitive market.  You need to attract qualified buyers that will secure the highest price the market  will bear.  It is a simple fact that many professionals will give you a competitive market analysis of the last properties that sold in your area to get you a price for your home.  With all statistics they must be interpreted.  If houses sold in your neighborhood for a certain square foot value, how long did it take to obtain that value and how many were left on the market that did not sell are vitally important facts to consider when evaluating your property.  At Smoger Realty, we believe in evaluating home prices at three levels.  An upper value that will take some time to get, a midpoint value to sell it within a reasonable time period and finally a price that will get your home sold expeditiously.  Statistics must be interpreted with the Seller so the Seller can make an informed decision regarding the value of the home.

Cleaning Your Home

We advise our clients to clean their homes and put their personal things away.  Many believe in stagging furniture in a home to sell it but we believe less is better and clean is superior.  Power wash your home and hire professionals to clean the inside.  From our experience, hardly anybody likes your taste so the cleaner and less cluttered the home the more it will appeal to new owners.  All homes have maintenance issues.  Try to keep your home with little obvious maintenance issues, but nobody is not going to buy an expensive  home because it has a hole in one screen.  Be reasonable and be practicable.  Your homes is either well maintained or is not maintained.  It needs to be in the well maintained category.

Showing Your Home

Your home must be available to be shown with no complications.  Do not leave instructions with the showing service that say “one hour notice and no exceptions”.  Try not to be in your home at the time of the showing.  You want potential buyers to focus on your home and not you.  Keep lights on and pets away.

Motivations For Selling Your Home

Try to keep your personal life to yourself.  Many sell homes because of divorce, death, change in location for employment and affordability.  Many times, these circumstances can lower the price one will offer to pay for your home.  Try to show your house and not your life.
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